Dear Dad,

Every year when I reflect on Father’s Day I end up with a new perspective. A couple of years ago it started with the differences between my life and the lives of those who grew up without a father. Last year those thoughts continued in a letter I wrote you but also looked at fathers as key players in a child’s support system (as it pertains to Attachment Theory for the psych readers out there) and what that means. This year I take that further and with a new lens.

Within the family structure I’ve noticed the mother is alot like a COO. As such, mom is the queen of all operations, or logistics as UPS likes to call it. She’s know who, what, when, where, why, how, for what, with what, etc. Your role is much different, though no less important.

Your role is CEO of the company. You are charged with ensuring the strength and vitality of your organization is protected. Whether that’s financial, emotional or spiritual. You have the task of righting the ship or keeping it true. And you’ve done that exceptionally for 28 years.

For nearly three decades, you’ve instilled in us a commitment to this company for better or worse and driven us all to new heights. Because of you we make noise wherever we are and show others what next level living is all about.

To others reading this, this is not at all to say that if you’re dad isn’t doing this things, they are a bad father or that families don’t work without one. This is to say fathers do way more than you might see, so celebrate them today! Hopefully this sparks reflection into all of us to consider.

To my dad, Thanks for leading this company to great prosperity and minding your business.


*Published on an iPhone please excuse any typos.